1979 Fun Facts, Trivia and History

Quick Facts from 1979:

  • World Changing Event: Khomeini’s Iranian Revolution over Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi.
  • The Other World Changing Event: The introduction of the Sony Walkman
  • The Top Song was My Sharona by The Knack
  • The Movies to Watch include Alien, Rocky 2, The Muppet Movie, Apocalypse Now and Star Trek: The Motion Picture and The Life of Brian
  • The Most Famous Person in America was probably Pope John Paul II
  • Notable books include: Flowers in the Attic by V. C. Andrews and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
  • US Life Expectancy: Males: 70.0 years, Females: 77.8 years
  • Minimum Wage in 1979: $2.90 per hour
    Composition book, 100 pages: 69 cents
  • The Funny Late Night Host: Johnny Carson

“The Quotes:”
“I love the smell of napalm in the morning”
– Robert Duvall in ‘Apocalypse Now’

“Have a coke and smile”

“Quality is job one”
– Ford

“Nothing comes between me and my Calvins”
– Brooke Shields, for Calvin Klein

“Reach out and touch someone”
– AT&T

Time Magazine’s Man of the Year:
Ayatollah Khomeini

The Scandals:
Ford’s Pinto automobile design allowed its fuel tank to be easily damaged in the event of a rear-end collision which sometimes resulted in deadly fires and explosions. It was first noticed by Ford in 1971 tests.

On March 28, Three Mile Island Unit 2 (TMI-2) nuclear power plant near Middletown, Pennsylvania, had a near melt-down. No one was reported killed or injured, but the accident changed many regulations for American nuclear reactors.

52 Americans are taken hostage in Tehran, Iran for 444 days. Four days later, ABC’s Nighline premiered, centering on the crisis.

NASA’s Skylab fell to Earth, landing mostly in the Indian Ocean.

Rock and Roll Death: Sid Vicious (heroin overdose)

11 people were crushed to death outside of Cincinnati Riverfront Coliseum prior to a concert by The Who.