Our current data is 10 years old, which is a lifetime in the digital age.  We need your help locating our classmates. Use the Contact Us page to let us know what you know.
And don't forget to create a username and password on the Classmates page. Thank you VERY much!
Below are some of the classmates we are trying to find. We do not have any contact information (address or email) for them. Additional names can be found on the ‘Lost Generals’page. Please share any information you have for these people on the "Contact Us" page.
  1. Rowena Cole Andrews
  2. Michelle Baron Banning
  3. Luanne Kaley Barnes
  4. Susan Barrett
  5. Susan Bengston
  6. Kenneth Berry
  7. Terri Birge
  8. Susan Blankenship
  9. Mark Bobbitt
  10. Mike Bolhorst
  11. Jeffrey Bombell
  12. Christina Bonds
  13. Edna Whitfield Bowers
  14. Gloria Brown
  15. Karen Spaulding Burkett
  16. Elaine Worth Burwell
  17. Bobbi Carlson
  18. Mike Coble
  19. Greg Colbert
  20. Clift Cook
  21. Cheryl Coss
  22. Kathryn Cullins
  23. Michael Currie
  24. Clifford Douglas
  25. Karen Hall Erwin
  26. Florida Eubanks
  27. Suzette Evans
  28. Kerry Foster
  29. Judy Fox
  30. Ruth Frazier
  31. Kennerh Groves
  32. Billy Hammer
  33. James Hammer
  34. Bill Hayes
  35. Rob Henderson
  36. Christopher Hess
  37. Nate Hines
  38. Tara Schnell Horst
  39. Jeff Hullinger